Enjoy a Spa holistic massage treatment.

Open to non-residents by prior appointment only.


The Villa B - Spa holistic menu

Pamper yourself, unwind & enjoy a therapeutic & luxurious massage by Sharon Kitchen. Sharon is a qualified professional Masseuse, Reflexologist and Clinical Aromatherapist. With over 10 years experience Sharon will care for and provide a personalised holistic experience tailored to your individual requirements.

Swedish Massage (this is a deep strong massage dealing with problem areas) I use essential oils in a carrier oil blend to help relieve muscular problems. ..... £40

Aromatherapy Massage (a gentler massage using essential oil blends bespoke to the needs of the client at that time. I incorporate breathing work with this massage when working on the back as it allows deeper access and works to shift blocked energies) I also incorporate a lot of Lymphatic Drainage work in this massage....£40

Back, neck and shoulder massage .... £25



 From December 2016 I will be able to offer Natural Face Lift...£35



Villa B Spa Reflexology Treatments

 (In this I use advanced techniques to help promote the body to heal itself)

          Indulgent pampering, using gentle massage & oils.

Luxury feet treatment ..... £30

Indian Head ...£25

Taiwanese reflexology ( this is a more intense treatment using blended oil and a specially designed stick. It allows the therapist to gain access to reflex points when the area is resistant)....£30 




Please note that treatments can be discussed and arranged directly by contacting Sharon on 07912252457 Treatments are available Monday to Friday 2-9pm and on Saturday 11-9pm.

Preferred method of payment in cash made payable to Sharon.

A short personalised consultation will take place prior to each treatment . Clients will be requested to provide details of any medication or procedures they might have had or are undergoing prior to treatment. 1 hr and 15 minutes must be allowed for full body massage treatment, consultation and aftercare. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.



Some medical conditions prevent treatment being given.

If you have any of the following conditions, please inform us prior to booking your treatment, as this may dictate which treatments you can have.

  • Pregancy & post pregnancy
  • Heart & circulation problems
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Back problems
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Mobility issues
  • Recent operations
  • Skin conditions
  • Cuts, abrasions & bruises
  • Any general illness
  • Allergies
  • On medication



In the event that you should have to cancel your treatment. If you could inform the Villa B or Sharon at your earliest convenience. 


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